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SEOPress Pro- WordPress SEO Plugin

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  • 100% original files & Document Included.
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  • Use On Unlimited WebSite
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Optimize quickly and easily the SEO of
your WordPress site

ico all in one

All in one

All the features you need in one plugin: breadcrumbs, redirections, schemas, sitemaps, broken link checker…

ico easy

Easy to use

Installation Wizard, quickly enable/disable features, modify your title tags in seconds…
Save time with SEOPress

ico white label

White label. Ad-free!

No footprints in the source code, no ads, no anonymous data sent, white label, even in the free version.

Introducing SEOPress

Discover our SEO plugin for WordPress in video.

SEOPress in video
seopress titles metas

Titles & metas

Manage your titles, meta description, meta robots (noindex, nofollow, noodp, noimageindex, noarchive, nosnippet…) for every post, page, custom post type, archive page.

SEOPress - Titles and metas
seopress xml sitemap

Give a sitemap to Google

Improve Search Engines crawling by providing XML sitemaps of your posts, pages, custom post types, terms taxonomy but also videos, images and news.

SEOPress - XML Sitemaps
seopress social networks

Be social

Improve social networks sharing with Open Graph tags (Facebook and Pinterest), Twitter Card, Google Knowledge Graph and more.


SEOPress Open Graph and Twitter Cards
ico optimize

Optimize your SEO


The basics of SEO / SMO optimization: the customization of metas. Title, meta description, Open Graph and Twitter Cards.

Meta title / description

Manage your titles and meta description for every post, page, custom post type, archive page… globally or individually, with dozens of dynamic variables.

Screenshot - Titles and metas, single post types, SEOPress

Open Graph

Add Open Graph meta tags to improve sharing on Facebook with custom title, description and image thumbnail. View your sharing link with our Facebook Preview.

Screenshot - Social Networks, Open Graph, SEOPress

Twitter Card

Add Twitter meta tags to improve sharing on Twitter with custom title, description and image thumbnail. View your sharing link with our Twitter Preview.

Screenshot - Social Networks, Twitter Cards, SEOPress

Dublin Core

Add Dublin Core meta tags recognized by governments / states and used by directories, Bing, Baidu and Yandex.

Screenshot - PRO, Dublin Core, SEOPress



Disable indexing on cart, checkout and customer account pages, remove WooCommerce meta tag generator, add currency and price Open Graph metas for better sharing on social networks, remove default WooCommerce product and breadcrumbs schema to replace them with those of SEOPress, add barcode fields to WC product metabox (product global identifiers type and product global identifiers value).

Screenshot - PRO, WooCommerce, SEOPress

Easy Digital Downloads

Remove Easy Digital Downloads meta tag generator, add currency and price Open Graph metas for better sharing on social networks.

Screenshot - PRO, Easy Digital Downloads, SEOPress

Crawling / indexing

robots.txt / htaccess

Create a virtual robots.txt file to setup indexing for search engines. Block in 1-click SemrushBot and MajesticSEO Bot to prevent slowdowns your site.
Edit your htaccess file right in your WordPress admin. Make quick 301 redirect, prevent directory browsing…

Screenshot - PRO, Robots.txt, SEOPress

Meta robots

Manage your meta robots: noindex, nofollow, noodp, noimageindex, noarchive, nosnippet… for every post, page, custom post type, archive page…

Screenshot - Meta-robots, SEOPress

Canonical URL

Edit your default canonical URL for each post, page or post type.

Image SEO

Automatically set the image Title / Alt / Caption / Description based on filename

Titles, alt, captions and cleaner, automated descriptions for more productivity

Screenshot - Advanced settings, SEOPress


Manage all the default WordPress RSS feeds without a single line of code.


Disable useless WordPress RSS feeds like comments, extra or posts.
Display content before / after each post.

Screenshot - PRO, RSS, SEOPress

ico structure

Structure / redirect

XML / HTML sitemaps

Build custom XML sitemaps (Pages/Posts/Taxonomies, Videos, Images, News, Authors, HTML) to help Google understand and crawl your site more efficiently.
Fully compatible with Core XML sitemaps feature (WP 5.5+). We automatically disable them to avoid any SEO conflicts.

XML sitemap

Improve Search Engines crawling by providing XML sitemaps of your posts, pages, custom post types, terms taxonomy, authors, images and more.

Screenshot - XML Sitemaps, SEOPress

HTML sitemap

Improve Search Engines crawling by providing an HTML Sitemap and User Experience.

Screenshot - HTML Sitemaps, SEOPress

Image sitemap

Improve images indexing by automatically adding standard images, image galleries, featured image and WooCommerce product images to XML Image Sitemaps.

Video sitemap

Create your custom XML Video sitemap for Google and improve your ranking in video search results.

Screenshot - XML Video Sitemaps, SEOPress

News sitemap

Be ready to add your content to Google News by creating a custom XML Sitemap especially for Google News.

Screenshot - XML News Sitemaps, SEOPress


Add a breadcrumbs to your pages to improve UX and SEO. A11Y (accessibility) and Bootstrap 4.0 ready.


Add JSON/LD Breadcrumbs, change the default separator, custom breacrumbs for each post, page or post type…

Screenshot - PRO, Breadcrumbs, SEOPress

URL Rewriting

Search rewrite

Edit the default WordPress search slug to an optimized URL like

Screenshot - PRO, URL rewriting, SEOPress

Remove /category/ in URL

Screenshot - Advanced settings, SEOPress


Manage 301 redirects

Create / manage unlimited 301, 302 or 307 redirections in one place. Import redirections via CSV file.

Screenshot - Redirections, SEOPress

Redirect attachment pages to post parent or file URL

Disable attachments page and improve UX and SEO.

Screenshot - Advanced settings, SEOPress

ico google structured data type 2

Mark up

Google Structured Data types (schemas)

Add Structured Data Types support, mark your content and get better Google Search Results appearance. Manual or automatic schemas with advanced conditions.

Local Business

When users search for businesses on Google Search or Maps, Search results may display a prominent Knowledge Graph card with details about a business that matched the query.

Screenshot - Local business schema, SEOPress


Proper structured data in your news, blog, and sports article page can enhance your appearance in Google Search results.

Screenshot - Article schema, SEOPress


Event markup describes the details of organized events. When you use it in your content, that event becomes relevant for enhanced search results for relevant queries.

Screenshot - Event schema, SEOPress


Add markup to your product pages so Google can provide detailed product information in rich Search results – including Image Search. Users can see price, availability… right on Search results.

Screenshot - Product schema, SEOPress


Mark up your job offer with the JobPosting JSON-LD schema to get better visibility in search results.

Screenshot - Job schema, SEOPress PRO


Mark up your Frequently Asked Questions page with JSON/LD to try to get the position 0 in search results.

Screenshot - FAQ schema, SEOPress


A simple review about something. When Google finds valid reviews or ratings markup, they may show a rich snippet that includes stars and other summary info from reviews or ratings.

Screenshot - Review schema, SEOPress


Mark up your recipe content with structured data to provide rich cards and host-specific lists for your recipes, such as cooking and preparation times, nutrition information…

Screenshot - Recipe schema, SEOPress


Mark up your video content with structured data to make Google Search an entry point for discovering and watching videos.

Screenshot - Video schema, SEOPress


Mark up your content to help search engines understand what you are doing.

Screenshot - Service schema, SEOPress


Mark up your course lists with structured data so prospective students find you through Google Search.

Screenshot - Course schema, SEOPress

Software Application

Mark up your software app to get stars, price, supported platform in Google Search results.

Screenshot - Software Application schema, SEOPress

Custom schema

Add your own custom JSON-LD schema using SEOPress PRO.

Screenshot - Custom JSON-LD schema, SEOPress PRO

Google Knowledge Graph

Markup your content with business / marketing details to get featured in Google Knowledge Graph cards.

Knowledge Graph

Configure your Google Knowledge Graph: add your logo, organization phone number and more.

Screenshot - Google Knowledge Graph, SEOPress

Social accounts

Link your social accounts like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest with Google Knowledge Graph.

Screenshot - Google Knowledge Graph, Social accounts, SEOPress

ico google structured data type 1

Link / Analyse / Monitor


Content analysis

SEOPress help you write search engines optimized content with advices, tips by analysing your post / page / custom post type. Works with all page builders. Unlimited keywords.

Screenshot - Content Analysis, SEOPress

Google Suggest

Find the top 10 Google suggestions instantly. Useful to work with the long tail technique.

Screenshot - Google Suggest, SEOPress

Google Page Speed

Check the performance of your site with Google Page Speed and get useful advices to improve speed and user experience.

Screenshot - Google Page Speed, SEOPress


Google Analytics stats in WordPress Dashboard

Get Google Analytics stats right into your WordPress Dashboard: page views, sessions, bounce rate, average session duration and more.

Screenshot - Google Analytics in WordPress Dashboard, SEOPress

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Measure purchases, additions to and removals from shopping carts. A must have for ecommerce sites built with WooCommerce.

Screenshot - Google Enhanced Ecommerce, SEOPress

Matomo Cloud

Track your visitors with Matomo Cloud, web analytics platform, fully GDPR.

SEOPress Matomo Settings

Backlinks with Majestic SEO API

Check your backlinks with Majestic (required a Majestic API).


Improve the user experience, increase your conversion, performance of your site, and reduce the impact on Google’s bugdet crawl by detecting broken links and 404 errors.

Broken links

Analyse your content to find broken links and improve SEO / user experience.

Screenshot - Broken Links Checker, SEOPress

404 monitoring

Each time a visitor get a 404 error on your site, we monitor it. Create 301 redirections in seconds for your 404, receive email alerts, redirect every 404 to a custom URL…

Screenshot - 404 monitoring, SEOPress


Seo Press pro Feature

Titles & metas

XML sitemap
HTML sitemap
Content analysis with unlimited keywords

(even in the free)

Google Knowledge Graph
Google Local Business Data Type
Dublin Core
Open Graph
Twitter Card
Google Analytics (GDPR ready)
Matomo Cloud (GDPR ready)
Google Tag Manager
Google Ads
Import / Export settings
Redirect attachments to post parent or file URL
Intuitive interface
Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
Import metadata from CSV file
Google Structured Data Types (schemas)
Google Suggestions
Automatic / manual schemas with advanced conditions
SEOPress BOT – Broken links
Backlinks (required a Majestic API key)
Video XML Sitemap
Google Analytics Stats in WordPress Dashboard
Redirections 301, 302, 307, 410, 451
Edit your robots.txt
Edit your htaccess
Google Page Speed
Google News Sitemap
404 monitoring
URL Rewriting

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